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STARDUST: Guaranteed quality at best price 2016-06-25 10:49:43

STARDUST: Guaranteed quality at best price

STARDUST: Guaranteed quality best price Stardust linen is an exotic home decor that has transforms many homes and houses through innovative and luxury interior designs, since its inception in 2010. We import the finest products and do not compromise on quality. We sell curtains collection, rugs, poles and accessories etc. With six (6) years of dutiful and excellent online services, stardust managed to meet clients’ aspirations for home

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9. WINDOW SETS 2016-06-24 14:48:38


A 100% polyester and ready to hang lace/net fabric window set with a colossal beautiful flower head pattern all over and acolourful border with a scalloped edging joint/tied to a matching pelmet and tiebacks. The pelmet was used to ease hanging of curtains. All deals start at just 9.99 Euro only. Our stock is big and our prices alongside our offer are welcoming. 1000 (you can state the numbers of your satisfied customers) happy

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8. NET CURTAINS 2016-06-24 14:48:20


With just 1.89 Euro nothing beats simplicity; we stock a handful of net curtains from simple designs to comprehensive patterns. All nets are polyester and hand wash recommended. Also in the range are Jardinières, brise bise voiles or laces. Have a look at our gallery to have a preview of what’s in our stock.

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7. POLES 2016-06-24 14:48:03


Beautify and complement your curtains with our stunning poles of elegant finishing and spectacular wonderment. Our poles are extremely strong to give the perfect edge and support the heavy weight of any curtain. Poles are available in various styles, shapes and diameters. Starting from just 8.99 Euros you can shop for awe-inspiring modern range, glasswork, steel work, gothic and kingswood curtain poles with Fx13-16mm and fx25/28mm curt

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6. VOILES AND PANELS 2016-06-24 14:47:45


Buy voile panels for your windows online from our store. We have multitudeof voile panel curtains that are crafted from the finest voile material with a variety of colour and 100% polyester type luxury coloured plain, stripped Henley or modern square linen look silver voile eyelet curtain panel you are guaranteed of a perfect look for your window.

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5. BEDDING 2016-06-24 14:47:24


Do you want to add some sophistication to your bedroom décor with our alter duvet sets at just 9.99 euros and pearl duvets. Browse our collection of best luxury bedding. We have the luxury faux silk bedding has a smooth touch and machine washable (polyester 100%) and many more. Explore our store and let’s help you choose the best matching design for your duvet or king size bedroom bedding.

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4. BLINDS 2016-06-24 14:44:15


Roller blind Buy an attractive roller blind at just 8.99 Euro featuring modern chrome coloured either round, square eyelets other types of rollers available in our stock are triangle shaped, straight edge, scallop, castle, beaded and blackout, all with a smooth side.If you have a bigger window we can assist in trimming to give you just the best. We have various colour options from our stores like ivory, chocolate, black, white, natural, grey e

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3. RUGS 2016-06-24 14:43:47


One of the best ways to brighten up your room and provide it with anadded homey feeling is to matchit with a nice plush area rug. Backed by a team of experienced designers, we offer a wide range of different types of rugs that are designed in such a unique way that they increase the look of any floor where they are placed. We have rugs that are suitable for both hot and cold weather. The designs on the rugs gives a reflective nature from which it

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2. CUSHION COVERS 2016-06-24 14:42:37


Do you desire to buy a designer cushion covers online, we offer a wide range of assorted collections of high quality special handcrafts and coloured cushion covers, applique cushion covers as well as velvet cushion covers. We also offer traditional and digital design cushion covers of various shapes, textures and materials.

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1. CURTAINS 2016-06-24 14:40:09


High designer pieces are here, control the amount of light entering your room with our stylish curtains by adding style to the windows in any room in your home or office with our great curtains of different colours ranging from skye red, skye natural and other colours variations like black, gold, white and champagne and shapes that can keep your employees wooed. Georgina velvet curtains are also available to give a perfect option for a traditiona

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